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all natural crystal tumble set with free wooden plate!

all natural crystal tumble set with free wooden plate!

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all natural crystal tumble sets! buy more, save more!
each set comes with a free mini wooden plate

srp each tumble is php 100each
buy 7 for 500 (kindly message what material, otherwise it will be random)
11pcs for 750!!

premium 14pcs  1000

aventurine for abundance (green)

Amazonite with black tourmaline for communication and protection (blue with black)

amethyst for health and anxiety (violet)
carnelian for creativity, positivity, and passion (orange)
flower agate new beginnings, love and emotions (nude)
howlite for emotion and relationships (white)
obsidian wealth and protection (black)
red jasper for detox, and good health (red)
satin spar cleanses your crystals (white stick)
tiger eye for courage, career, and abundance (brown)
clear quartz master healer and amplifies other crystals
mookaite for energy and aura cleanser
satin spar stick for protection and crystal cleansing
sodalite for communication and confidence
moss agate to help grow business and wealth
Yooperlite helps bring out the truth in other people
golden healer (minis 3pcs) master healer
fire quartz (minis 3pcs) helps ignite passion and promotes good health
lepidolite (minis 3pcs) stone of patience, helps calm emotions, promotes good sleep
flower agate (minis 2pcs) reblooming, new beginnings, love, nurturing

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