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Aquamarine Rosary in 10K spacers with Cross

Aquamarine Rosary in 10K spacers with Cross

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Product details:

10mm Aquamarine

10k spacers

Stainless Cross

*Different sizes will have a slightly different design with the addition of spacers*


This Rosary Bracelet is a one decade rosary meant to be worn on the wrist. The bracelet varies slightly from the appearance of the standard one decade rosary. The rosary bracelet has one decade plus one Our Father bead, but rather than a center and a dangling crucifix, there is a charm sized crucifix or cross in place of the hanging crucifix.

The bracelet is not intended to be a fashion statement but rather a way to easily bring a rosary with you, to be used for prayer. In the Middle Ages and beyond, it was not uncommon for people to hang a rosary from their waist, which they could easily reach for and use to pray with at any time. Many religious orders still do this, but for many other people, hanging a long rosary from their waist would be impractical. However, the Rosary Bracelet can be worn easily and so it can be used anywhere as a prayer aid.

How to Pray a Rosary Bracelet

To pray the rosary using your bracelet begin by:
  1. Making the sign of the cross and saying the Apostles Creed
  2. Say the Our Father while holding the larger bead, then say three Hail Marys on the three little beads
  3. Say the Glory be
  4. Say the First Mystery on the one larger bead, and then say the Our Father
  5. Say ten Hail Marys using the ten glass pearls.
  6. Say Glory be and the Fatima Prayer
  7. Say the Second Mystery on the one larger bead, and then say Our Father. Say ten Hail Marys using the ten glass pearls. Repeat until you have done all five mysteries
  8. Say the Hail Holy Queen
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