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Rhodonite, Jasper, Jade, Alashan Agate Rolled Bracelet

Rhodonite, Jasper, Jade, Alashan Agate Rolled Bracelet

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  • Rhodonite helps one to process emotions and let go emotional pain. It also helps clear away self destructive behavior and feelings of resentment and anger.

  • Yellow Jasper is a protection stone that helps one repel potential threats. It also gives its wearer confidence and strength to face challenges.

  • Jade is a stone that brings purity, harmony and balance. Jade also attracts abundance and prosperity.
  • Alashan improves concentration, perception and analytical abilities and encourages one to speak the truth. Emotionally, it helps to overcome negativity and bitterness of the heart; useful for emotional trauma and creates a sense of security and safety.

  • Materials: Rhodonite, Jade Chunky Chips, Green Alashan Agate, Jasper Cube, Glass Crystal Beads


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